About Teqahwa

About Teqahwa

Teqahwa coffee shop was established in Medina in 2016, but it never saw the light up until 2018,  and the reason behind it was to ensure the quality of the service provided, and to ensure the efficiency of the workforce, and most importantly, to focus on coffee from roasting it locally and preparing it in innovative and thoughtful ways to keep pace with the global standards.


In pursuit of the economic growth rate stipulated in the Kingdom’s 2030 vision, we were keen to attract the talents of the Saudi youth, and we focused on training them continuously to provide them with the necessary skills they need in the labor market. We are constantly striving to achieve the vision by providing them with suitable job opportunities.

We are also striving to draw a wide spread plan that enables us to reach all the targeted segments inside and outside Medina. We hope that Teqahwa will be the place closest to the hearts of its fans locally, regionally and globally.


We at Teqahwa strive to provide the finest types brewed coffee from coffee extracted from the bounties of nature, and roasted in our own way, which adds a distinctive taste that appeals to coffee lovers. We also aim to be a pioneer in the field of specialty roasted locally, according to international standards and quality.

Where Is Teqahwa?

The most prominent characteristic of Teqahwa Café is the strategic locations distributed throughout the city of Medina.

Where the first branch is located in one of the most important areas of the city, the second ring road which is about ten minutes from the Prophet’s Mosque.The second branch is located in the most lively street in it, Sultana Street, which includes the most important recreational facilities, restaurants and shops. The third branch is also located in the Aziziyah district, with a high population density.

Main Branch

Last but not least, the fourth branch is located in Quba Street, south of the city, which is a few minutes away from Quba Mosque, near the most important commercial centers of the city Aliyat Almadinah.

It is the main and largest branch of Teqahwa, which includes the main roaster and external seating area for individuals and families. We also excel in drive thru service and guarantee speed of orders, quality of service and delicious and distinctive coffee taste.


Because the quality of our coffee is our goal and the customer’s satisfaction is the most important thing, we brought the best coffee roaster machine with the highest quality and standards.

The LORING S7 NIGHTHAWK coffee roasting machine is considered one of the giant companies in the field of roasting coffee, it is an American product that was manufactured and exported by one of the best brands in the world, and it is one of the most accurate and efficient roasts in the world of specialized coffee making, here are some of its characteristics:

  • It works with the latest smart technology.
  • Made of steel.
  • ISO certified.
  • It is characterized by high accuracy and global efficiency.
  • Maintains the same texture of roasting without changing its taste.